Sep 18, 2012


Changelog Version 1.96:
- Cow pasture was divided, fenced and provided with log-gates since it was very simple but. The doors can also be installed on the Finster Brunner valley here and get their baptism of fire. Currently still without collision. I’d love to know what your players think of the gates.
- Barn in the valley got a pile of manure and other details, no Ausmistmod.
- Both dunghill you can now tilt the shovel again.
- Maisreihensaat was visually adapted plants are now close.
- Barn on the farm was spread and it is now there are horses.
- Various minor changes, height adjustments, etc etc etc for better gameplay.
- Plane directed water, water for the greenhouses DLC can now be removed from the pond.
Changelog Version 1.95:
- BGA expanded, upgraded all triggers on standard scripts
Exchanged scripts of silos, the silos are now running on and -
- Manure trigger adjusted, now is the standard manure trigger
- Strawbale to Manuremod installed. Throws one bale of straw on the crap, you get crap to
- PDA image created, assign field numbers: red = box, turquoise = pasture
- PDA Hotspot sign change, delete, create new and partly imported from my RWvsPA
- Cowsheds visible (or there were already 2 stables built but invisible) and placed optics adapted
- Small Ball Trigger moved to the cow shed (next to the Josera, you can already see where * grin *)
- Ball sale now fixed, you can now sell bales in the loft of the timber yard at the shelter
- Merchants expanded a little, a second entrance and a new hall built Heeewa kit installed
- Construction of 2 wind turbine park is behind the merchant in the forest, a new path towards leads.
- Traffic adapted cars, and the milk truck
- Mapenden changed, no more building sites, for a sign as you get closer
- All pastures with short grass planted. After cutting short grass stands on the pastures and provides more realism
- Adler fitted spline adjusted
- Customized background colors of fields. If you have harvested everything, it looks empty in the valley.
- reduced by about 75MB, 126MB versus 211MB previously
- Manure and G├╝llemod installed (with field detection limits) (*)
- Milk production adapted it less milk, liquid and solid manure is produced, the milk price is 32Cent/Liter
- Grain corn can be sold, but not stored on the farm
- Growth adjusted: grain needs 2 hours per level, grass one hour
- The farm was equipped with MapDoorTriggern.
- Billinger country store built, looks visually just beautiful, especially the texture.
- Fertilizer mod installed at the country store, including Hall (thanks team Eifok)
- Dynamic delineators installed
Barn built by model Eicher and doors and built to MapDoorTrigger in Cinema4D

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