Sep 15, 2012


Then some detail changes came on my part in terms of performance, gameplay and terrain so. To stagnate on its own plate, the map is too bad, maybe one or the other still plays the old Vulkaneifelmap and is pleased with the new version 1.4.
(Graphics card shall not be lower than a nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD HD 6870 and the rest of the system at the same level)
- Logfehlerfrei that I3d is 33.2 MB.
- About 2/3 of the standard map-size
- Cow farm has to Grasabladen, Headys silos, manure heaps and BGA
- Additional BGA on the mountain for Dirketverkauf of grass / maize / manure
- Three unloading (Bitburger brewery, old Raiffeisen, Raiffeisen new)
- Class village with passersby
- Transport and milk truck
- Multi Fruit (Standard Fruit + potatoes, sunflowers, cotton, sugar beets, soybeans, green wheat)
- Milk and manure can be driven directly to the dairy or BGA (Acert)
- Scale of the streets and buildings adapted to 1:1 Mods
Credits: FS2013

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