Sep 7, 2012


with rearview camera and level warning zuwie additional cameras and crop tires, complete IC controllable via syringe.
Hi folks, today I present to you “my” syringe disposal. It is to engage the original syringe made by Giants, who I have also equipped with the following features:
- BeleuchtungV3 by Sven777b
- Washable by Manuel Leithner
- Additional Cameras by Manuel Leither
- Ic Steurung by Manuel Leithner
- Translation by wheel scale model eicher and Bluebaby210
- Rueckfahrcamera by Bluebaby210
- Spray Capacity Warning by Bluebaby210
The syringe was used more as a small part of what should be washable, then have some scripts installed and I got lust and interest thereon to scripts and then have loving extended the above scripts (Wheel Scale) or write new, rear view camera and spray Capacity Warning.
The wheel provides scale crop tires, in addition to this, the tires get some offset any air between the rim and the wheel hub.
The spray Capacity Warning, as the name suggests hide yourselves up a little picture, once you under a certain level since, in addition you get a short text to be displayed and a. Or several beeps The stages of Wanrnungen can be set in the XML, 1st stage is the largest and the 4th the lowest warning level (seen on the level).
The reversing camera is a small specifications for indoor driver, you can activate it and once you ride backwards you see only the rear view, is only for indoor view.
The syringe is fully IC controlled, flashing lights, light, high beam, working lights, faq / off on / off, switch cams …
A special thanks goes to:
-The team of SFM for the release of the Control Panel and the scripts for IC and additional cameras.
Model Eicher for his scripts for TUT
-Bassadict bring for his Special Joint LUA to run to the cameras.
The scripts for reversing Camera and spray Capacity Warning, as well as translation dei wheel scale are freely available and may be installed in other mods of you, a small mention in the credits is desirable. Installation instructions are each in the top of the script.
The script of the rear view camera has nothing to do with the “dynamic curve camera” script and was created earlier.

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