Sep 24, 2012

Steffen Country ®

This map is completely new with many middle gestaltetet fields on a not so flat terrain. At a forest of signs I have refrained, use for better orientation a MapViewer.
The following fruits are incorporated :: standard types of fruit, sugar beet, potato, sunflower, rye, cotton, alfalfa, triticale, oat, pea pod, soybean. The fruits of fodder beet, carrot, poppy, Maize2, Green wheat, rice, sugarcane, kale, cabbage, red cabbage, kohlrabi, hops, spinach, yellow beans, green beans, cauliflower harvest completely new sow (that will not plow in). Reed, alfalfa and grass to grow.
Resellers are Felleskjøpet, Erasco, Aldi, Agravis, Licher Brewery, Meistro’s harbor and Meindel. There are a further BGA kit by Manuel, StrawelevatorStandardBarn grass silos, diverse factories for reeds, cotton and sugar cane +.
Additional 4 stops for fuel and for seed are installed. (By Hewaaa garages, gas station)
A second courtyard where this time picked out of cows and pigs and cattle on sale (milk) can be submitted.
Sale and transported to following types: sand, stone, gravel, milk, water and manure.
Following mods you need further:
– MapViewer_050_FoxAlpha
- MapDoorTrigger
- MapBGASilo
- MP_PDA_by_Nubsi (I use)
I wish you much fun with my map hope you like it. Steffen


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