Sep 20, 2012

Silent Valley

The map builds like the first version on the Silent Valley V1.2 of prosperity child
as well as the already released SilentValleyByBandit on.
It has been revised a few:
- Map01.i3d = 28.6 MB, Standard Fruit
- KalkMod built by Jesse James, lime can be purchased at Billinger or Agravishandel
- Zeppelin flying by Landwirt12, NKB-modding
- Flying eagle by BulldozerXL
- Manure shovel triggers in the yard built the left of the conveyor belt
- Mist on the conveyor belt can be loaded now even in smaller manure spreaders and trailers
- It the Holzmod from my K├ÂlledaMap_Final was used, but with the Fruit of Change Trigger Rafftnix
- It is made of logs and lumber from the sawmill firewood firewood
- ManureMod is installed (with field detection limits)
- Water tank can be filled at Billinger country trade and the ball barn
- Some textures have been changed
- Water is album of the ball at the barn or Billinger
- And much more …..

During installation, the installation menu from Papa, remember the PDF file to read!
In the installation menu are any additional scripts to the original providers of those scripts
linked, so you can save yourself looking long. Registration in the forums is of course
every itself. When you start the installation menu apply please be patient, it may take a
Take a moment to start the menu! Otherwise, as I said please read the attached PDF!

MapViewer can with Numpad “.” open
The MapFruitChangeTrigger can use CTRL-ALT-m show open or required mandatory: by Rafftnix: by Heady: by Heady: by Heady: by Eicher-fan:
Amazone ZA-M1500 Lime by NKB-modding:
is recommended:
My thanks to all the modders and mappers from those scripts, objects, or other things on the map are used!
In addition to pfreek, nickel and sven777b the unhesitatingly their objects and scripts are provided!


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