Sep 23, 2012


Here is my Schadensmod.
-. All Maschienen can in collisions with other objects (rigid body type does not matter, trigger exception) go wrong – the amount of damage depends on the force of the impact and weight of the vehicle and difficulty vehicles can be repaired by Werkstattwagen or workshop are included in the repair depends on the purchase price of the vehicle to be repaired and the difficulty diesel consumption rises, the more damage a vehicle has-A vehicle can not drive as fast, the more damage it has damage indicator on the vehicles on / off and damage display HUD right up under the clock-Installs itself in all vehicles-MP ready credits: script: rafftnixModell and texture of the workshop: Maxter and model calibration heritage Sonderer thanks to: – evil lion for his criticism model eicher for release of the workshop operation: – + Use the key combination [Ctrl] [alt] + [n] you can display the damage on the vehicles ein/ausschalten- by Werkstattwagen their vehicles can repair within 15 meters (key M) – In the workshop, the machine can be repaired without activation … etc. installation : -. Just put the zip in the Modsordner – The workshop will be as normal Mapobjekt incorporated into the map, if you use them wollt.Enthalten are: – Schadensmod script (self installed) – Workshop trolley Mapobjektskript for garage workshop (with function , extra link) Notes: The amount of damage is not always realistic, but I have tried to calculate it as good as possible … The zip archive must not be renamed. …


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