Sep 18, 2012

Scania Refrigerated Truck

Dynamic exhaust, tire dust in fields, StVO V3.1 lighting, steering axis (axis 3)
Rangierkamera, Rangierscheinwerfer, animated tail lift (open / close, raise / lower)
Case interior lighting load (on and hidden).
Loaded with:
Cheese, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, bread, UHT milk, fish, beer, eggs, meat, sugar, chips and dairy products
Loading capacity: 20500 liters
Price in shop: 98200 €
Due to the downloadable products, this vehicle is suitable for the following maps:
AichMap V5.1, V5.0 and V4
Bassumer country V3.8 and V4
When playing maps missing on which one or more of the above products harmless warnings appear in the log.txt.
This has on the stability of the game’s control.
This vehicle is not for “low” PCs suitable.



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