Sep 10, 2012

Round Bale Autostack 3 in 1

Few weeks ago we posted very nice mod, round bale autosctack for stacking round bales. Mod was able to stack 10 bales. That was nice but some of you have busy shedule or very large farm and collecting 10 bales for one run was to slow. But your frustration is over. This pack contains 3 autostack trailers for round bales. Small one collects 8 bales, medium 14 and the biggest 20 round bales and that is double the capacity of previuous one and it will save you lots of time.
Installing this mod is standard. 
AnimatedCylinders: fruktor (Modding-Society) (edit Milan1702976)
Autostack: ME (Milan1702976)
BaleLoader: Stefan Geiger (GIANTS) (edit Milan1702976)
beleuchtungV3: Sven777b
mooringblocks: Geri-G (edit fruktor)
PowerShaft: Manuel Leithner

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