Sep 15, 2012

Reisch BKD3 240

We have taken a basis Reisch assembly can tilt on three sides and has variable structures. There were two single board walls (there are two and two suspended, fully animated) installed on each side. Furthermore, a large rear tailgate was (hanging) with integrated switch which appears to the second building, which was originally two small there is no longer so. Also, a second cylinder for building this happen.
The turntable here for the DL comes with a gray building.
The Chassis is complete. Corad60 been newly built by the animation of the side walls, the particles and Planning fruit was extensively reworked.
Fruits go following: wheat rape maize barley grass chaff potato sugarbeet
Where grass chaff go only to the third building and turn rape maize barley wheat in the third structure as we know it from my MAN, not to load up at the top, due to the lattice structure of the third lift.



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