Sep 15, 2012

Progress ZT32er Pack

Due to the many requests I have decided now to publish my ZT 32-pack.
Since the publication of ZT320GreenBull I have spent many hours with Maya and the ZT further optimized and me is looking at the originals of the ZT-wrought Zechin and other real existing ZT’s. I have hinbekommen almost like the original models.
The original ZT comes from the pack of Boti2502 who has given me at the time the release for a new DL.
The model parameters were adjusted to the existing “Ossimods” for LS11, so a HW80, cultivator, plow, manure etc. bombers seem no greater than the ZT.
It was also very much value placed on MP suitability, so it was deliberately left Schiki-Miki, as washable, WheelParticle and tire marks etc.
I also know that is not the rear hydraulics and the jaw from oriinalen match the models, but I refuse for reasons of performance of a coupling bolt of 285 polys to replace each one of over 7,000 polys.
Look after me please, thank you for this.
Here too, of course, I count back to your honesty and I appreciate sincere comments, reviews and credits much.
Must be extracted to the DL this packet once and then you can watch your favorites in the Modsordner do and have fun.
As always, everything is fit for 100% MP and SP and absolutely flawless!
This ZT’s have a texture consumption 3 to 6 MB.
Pack content:
ZT 325
ZT 323 Blue
ZT 323 ZT-wrought Zechin
ZT 320 ZT-wrought Zechin


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