Sep 15, 2012

Progress E518 Pack v 1

The thresher is in the basic equipment so with a 6.70 m cutting for barley, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, triticale.
The pack has been transformed into painstaking work with great attention to detail from a dilapidated state into a fully functional harvester. Quite deliberately, many parts of the original and were not purposely painted denach Neui. The Thresher is originally from LS09 and was converted from elfriede (eifok team) to LS11. This Drescher contributed since LS11-MP very faithful service in our “Ossi” game and has completed more than 100 hours hours.
Here, too, was due to the MP suitability again Washable, tire dust, tire tracks …. etc waived. As I say, the Fun in the MP stood in the foreground!
After many hours in Maya and GE in this great harvest equipment has arisen.



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