Sep 12, 2012

Progress E514

This is the second Version of my review of the thresher “progress E514″.
The vehicle has a different sound.
Straw can be switched between filing and shredding.
Grain tank capacity: 5000 liters
Generated during the test no log-error.
Included are:
- Drescher progress E514
- E514 header: wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower
- E514 header: maize
- E514 Header Trailer
V2 changes:
Adapted diesel consumption -
- 2nd Beacon repaired
- Changed color of the front wheels
- File size reduced again
Changes V1:
- Double wheels front axle removed
- Unloading rate adjusted
- Fixed an error on the header
- Help text translated into German
- Textures / file size smaller

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