Sep 23, 2012

Old & Sons farm, Knuston, Northamptonshire V2 – DLC2

The features of the farm,
- Standard crops can be sold directly to the main farm silo for money, though if you want to store the crop for seeding purposes there is a small seed pit in one of the barns and this also includes the seed stacks and trigger.
- To sell your bales their is a bale destroy shed at back of farm, unload bales into center of barn and they will disappear.
- Liquid manure can be used for the pit at front side of farm.
- Fertilizer can be purchased from the shed near the main selling silos.
- The store is also located at front side of farm, near the house and pink store trigger.

This map has been tested in multiplayer and works rather well, but remember the map is detailed and is aimed at medium to high computers.
Un-zip the 3 mods into your mod folder there is two gate trigger mods and a map file.

- Fixed PDA
- DLC 2 silage clamps
- Cow zone added
- Bales compose down to manure over time within the dairy barn
- added Mythos bale trigger to the main farms bale destroy location
- Various information triggers to help you along
- Major distant scenery added along one side
- FMC map trigger version 2 added (no need for any other .zips)
- few odd objects added around the farm and fields


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