Sep 17, 2012

Massey Ferguson 290 + Hydramet Kit

The Massey Ferguson 290 is a skin of the highly popular ‘Ursus 3514′ mod by TL-Modding. We have improved all aspects of the mod. From it’s features, to it’s performance. The only thing lacking is 1:1 Scaling. Due to complex reasons, to do with the model, it will not be available.
Information on the Mods:
Massey Ferguson 290:
To start the mod use KeyPad Enter (Once) in the information box it will state if you have ignited the ignition or not.
To activate Steering Lock Press KeyPad 5, the Green in the top right denotes it is not active, the Red denotes you have activated it.
To open the Windows, Press the Spacebar to activate Interactive Control and click on the neccesary points.
Too use the Indicators/Hazzards, Press KeyPad 1 or 3 for the Indicators (They will go off.) And press KeyPad 2 for the hazzards.
Hydramet Frontloader:
You do have to be careful when attaching the frontloader to the tractor, drive straight into it as you would in real life and you’ll be fine. When you attach the loader to the 290 the mudguards will be removed.
Hydramet Front Shovel:
Capacity: 2500
Fruits: wheat barley rape maize silo fertilizer grass chaff manure seeds
Hydramet Bale Spike:
Press X to attach the bales. Takes round and Big Square with ease.
Hydramet Dung Grab:
Use the Right Mouse Button and Mouse Movement to open the grab.
Capacity: 3000
Fruits: silo silage manure chaff
Hydramet Bale Grab:
Use X To open and close the grab. It will go to a fix position to shut. It will stop as soon as it detects a Dynamic/Kinectic object.
Interactive Control
ES Limiter
Hour Clock
Autosteer 3.0
Lights Addon 3.1
Manual Ignition
Credits: FS2013

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