Sep 27, 2012

Massey Ferguson 2170 Square Baler

This is a re-skin of the excellent Case Presse LBX332 square baler on this site into a Massey Ferguson 2170 Square Baler. There is a good MF baler already here which bales the large square bales, but I have not seen one which does the regular game square bales so I decided to skin one. I have edited the capacity to make it more realistic and edited the baler to bale grass, alfalfa and clover in addition to the original crops. This baler has worked well for me with no issues. The original Case 332 info states that this model is MP ready, however I have not tested this.
Capacity: 700
Bales: wheat, barley, dryGrass, grass, alfalfa, clover
B turns baler on/off
Hope you Massey fans enjoy this!
Original Giants
Umbau Shippy74
Re-skin: cca101

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