Sep 8, 2012


Changes to v2:
Yard rebuilt with halls of Steffen30muc (Thanks)
Street signs Situated
New PDA Map
Fields combined and made ​​it more and made ​​larger fields
Water reservoirs built on the DLC open space
Railroad crossing (removed jump)
Vet also buys pigs at (not in PDA)
Straw-bale mod will only be accepted at Raiffeisen (Signposted)
Bales (not Straw-mod) can Chaff silo or feed trough WITHOUT zusatzmods be fed
and and and … little things here and there
Still needs to be some additional mods:
First (doors and gates open with O)
Second (it is needed you can fill the fermenter of BGA)
Third (is needed so that we can fill the silos of the BGA)
4th (needed to “cow feed” (grass) to buy at Raiffeisen)
5th (HUD switch with CTRL + ALT + M)
6th (Required including for the speed camera)
Short description:
Welcome to Mapland!
MapLand is a fictitious area with mountains.
In addition to the standard, you can also grow potatoes, sunflower and sugar beet.
Transport and milk truck works without error, but you can milk
also sell itself to one of the 3 outlets.
Resellers are: savings, Raiffeisen and the milk factory itself

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