Sep 13, 2012

LU Lower Rhine Map

We have revised the map again for low PC’s. The shadows of the objects and the clip distances, but were complete nacheditiert by hand so that the map also on slower machines running smoothly. Therefore, we invite our LU map up here again.
The map is completely error free. We have all the elements that caused the error in the log updated / edited.
Content of the map:
- 56 fields, the map (small – medium – large)
- Large BGA plant with silo courtyard
- Gr0ße pasture with barn (Kuhfütterung)
- Large garden center with a silo and slurry manure sale (space for DLC3 greenhouses) and BGA recharge pond for water
- Power plant with slurry and manure sale Bale shredders for electricity production
- Milk is collected automatically
- Beet factory with beets and potato sales


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