Sep 20, 2012

Large Heidekamp

This map is built on a 1:1 scale, only use 1:1 or nearly large (small) mods, otherwise quickly comes to frustration.
Hello dear gamers LS 11, this is my last work for LS 11th At Christmas, everyone is waiting for Santa Claus. In October, all waiting for LS2013.
Welcome back to the United Heidekamp.
A lot has happened in the meantime. The DLC2 BGA at LU – yard is burned and the LU Schilling – Lehberger had no interest to build them again. Instead, a new larger BGA (Heady) was erected near the milk Betreibes, here you can also sell straw bales at the local ball heating.
The LU Schilling – Lehberger has built on the site of the old BGA machine shop with a new grain warehouse, next to the hall, you can now temporarily stored sugar.


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