Sep 20, 2012

Landkreis Uecker Randow

Today I want a new version of my map Introducing: The Map entsrang out of my imagination and has the map names do nothing. This map comes from Blackburner (new cow zone) and was completely re aufgbaut.Freigabe exists. On the map you will find a contracting company which is also equal to the shop function assumes there you will also find a way to your fruit store, fill up your vehicles, seeds and fertilizer to kaufen.Ein pool what with rain fills order to load water for your greenhouses . In the cow pasture you can feed the cows in the barn and your chaff in the Freilandsilo tilt to store it. Straw bales for sale, throw it in the bin and silo to get manure (same principle as the Bga). Milk you have to leave yourself and sell at HaGe. The market also provides manure and manure from the cows laden.Bei HaGe you can sell your crops at the best price as well as grass / chaff and milk. And for mortgage pirates flat collecting is installed =)
The map is very well suited for low Pc’s
Chancelog V 1.2
- Sound inserted Off road
- Deco and more errors in the terrain ironed
- Fields enlarged and away for more fun
- Built-in water basin for removal of water for greenhouses (filled with rain)
- Power cable installed
Chancelog V 1.1
- New Grass Texture
- New corn texture
- Super Tanker Fill trigger speed increases
- Trigger for adoption of new chopped shredded in a cowshed should ….
now run in Mp -Sales Trigger HaGe exchanged (now recognized by the Course Play)
- Added decoration
- Visual beauty of the Map

Mods that you need: (search on Google and you will immediately find =)
- …………… current version is needed
- …….. current version is needed
- -
- Milk Mod by Acert: -
- Strautmann_Hydrofox2–5

Recommended Mods:–5

A description is available in the zip in this picture ….


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