Sep 15, 2012

IHC 432

I converted the game’s own Lizard 422 to a IHC 423rd
After a research on the net, I noticed that the Lizard visually very similar to
with the IHC has and when I decided to rebuild the little time.
Was changed:
- Texture original colors
- Swing axle installed (first time on this model!)
- Chrome gas cap
- Steering wheel knob
- IHC original sounds
- Original nameplates
- Exhaust with an animated cover provided
- Dynamic exhaust smoke
- Lighting v3.1.1 (warning / indicator *, driving / high beam, brake light, reverse light)
- Installed scripts LowFuelIndicator
Installed start / stop scripts -
- Hour meter installed
- ESLimiter installed
- RPM Hud Script v1.1 installed (Premiere! Now works with start / stop scripts, if the engine is off is “OFF” in Hud!)
- 1:1 scaled
- Increase in speed when switching on of attachments (AttacherSetRpm)
- PowerShaftAttacher
- DLC silo compressor scripts
- Tire dust (Not too many to spare PR!)
- LowFuelIndicator scripts
* Indicator goes off after cornering!



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