Sep 8, 2012

HW 80 Pack

I have decided after much back and forth to jump on the 1 to 1 Massstabszug with and offer you now to pack my HW80 as 1to1 packet.
It has nothing to unpack
Because there are several methods to get the mods on 1to1, I gescalt this pack after submission / definition of Swabia tutorials. So it should not say that the followers of XY but longer / shorter / higher or whatever. Can compare with previous published 1to1 HW80 make you happy, but you will find that no one’s really true, because talk is missing a few inches and there are a few inches too much. It was important that the proportions of the original HW80Pack erhlten.
Measurements were coming out in this pack is based. From the website of Sievers GmbH and Strand LM Conow vehicle and own research
Superstructures HW80 harvest trailer (L / W / H) 5,20 m x 2,30 m x 0,9 m / 1.20 m
Built HW80 Häckselanhänger (L / W / H) 5,20 m x 2,30 m x 1,60 m / 1,80 m
1A everything funzt in SP and MP and is also in the 100% error free!


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