Sep 14, 2012


Here it is, the final version of the HAWE ULW 3600 T. There are a number of fixed texture bug. Furthermore, the Hawe has a new tires. The new tires are the Hawe at least very good. Have fun with the HAWE …
The control functions:
B: Pipe Shopinformation
X: About charging one
Y: tilt open /
7: Hide seed shooter short
8: Hide seed shooter long
KP7: Pipelicht on / off
9: steering axle lock / unlock
If you want to expand a seed shooter, as described above, press the corresponding button. Do you want to show a different seed shooter, please arrange to hide the other seed shooter, otherwise you have an unsightly display errors, the example is by a lack of hydraulic cylinders at the seed shooter noticeable. The angle of the seed shooter you can change via mouse control.
This version is MP, CP and SP ready and makes no mistakes as far as known.
My thanks go to:
the Urmodder who built the old model (do not now remember who was the …)
Chris Green -> Script
BlueSky01 -> Script
Agrotron155 -> wheels
Corben Dallas -> Details
AGES sunshine
Pitti and all other testers
and all others who have otherwise contributed in some way to the project



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