Sep 17, 2012

Ford 642 Pack

This pack includes a Ford 642 combine with 5 meter cutter which looks as if it is a re-skinned Lizard from the game. I found this while surfing the net and since I have wanted a Ford combine forever, I downloaded it. It works good, so I skinned a 6-row corn head for it and decided to upload it for everyone. Ford combines were sold in the 70′s and were actually manufactured by Claas and the green paint was painted over to Ford blue before being sold in the USA.
Cuts wheat, barley, rape & maize (default crops)
Tank capacity: 6300
Unzip the pack folder and copy the zip files to your mods folder and everything will work great!
The original link for the combine says not multiplayer compatible, but since it is just a re-skinned game Lizard it may work anyway. I have not tested it for multiplayer, only in my own maps.
Combine & cutter:
Original: Giants
by: Mod_Toaster
6 Row corn head:
Modell: shangri66
Textur: shangri66 Convert by ls11: Adam/Paldoo
Edited by n00body (Folding Parts Function)
Re-skin: ccs101


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