Sep 1, 2012

Follow Me / Convoy

What can this mod be used for?
In singleplayer have you ever wanted to make a transport convoy, or just be able to cut grass, place it in a row and have it picked up, all in one go?
With the “Follow Me” mod, all vehicles that has the ‘Steerable’-specialization can now be told to follow a leading vehicle. Or as someone told me; “its like an instant CoursePlay”.
How to use it?
Place the file in your mods-folder.
Once Farming Simulator 2011 is started, go into Options->Controls, and verify if you want to change the keyboard-bindings from the default;
- FollowMe:Leader RIGHT CTRL L
- FollowMe:Follow RIGHT CTRL F
Do please note that, once you are in-game, the helpbox will first display the keys when the modifier-key is actually pressed, so you do not end up with a huge helpbox. A modifier-key is; LEFT SHIFT, RIGHT SHIFT, LEFT CTRL, RIGHT CTRL, LEFT ALT or RIGHT ALT.
!! –> This mod is for SINGLEPLAYER ONLY. <-- !!
Only ONE vehicle in the whole map, at any given time, can be the 'leading vehicle'.
Start by selecting the vehicle that should be 'the leader', and activate it with RIGHT CTRL L. You might want to drive a few meters, as it has to drop some 'invisible breadcrumbs', which is needed for the followers.
Then select another vehicle, and place it behind the leading vehicle, and in the same drive-direction. Activate the "follow" with RIGHT CTRL F.
Go back to the leading vehicle and drive it, the 'followers' should drive after it. Do note that reversing or backing up is not "allowed". Though you can do it, just don't expect the followers to do the same.
If you deactivate the 'leading vehicle' (by pressing RIGHT CTRL L again) all followers will stop instantly where they are, no matter how far behind they are.
The 'invisible breadcrumb'-trail that the leader makes, is not infinite. Therefore if a 'following vehicle' gets too far behind, it may loose the trail and stop driving.
Problems or bugs?
Known bugs/problems:
1) This is a beta version!
2) It is singleplayer only!
3) When activating a ‘follower’, it may be too close to a vehicle in front, that its collision detection fails, and it drives into the vehicle.
4) The ‘followers’ do not always drive at the same speed as the leading vehicle, which may cause them to fall behind.
5) Vehicles with custom acceleration-controllers, like Knagsted’s IHC2388 HydroStat or JD 8400 PowerShift, when they are active, setting the vehicle to follow may cause them to not move/drive.

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