Sep 8, 2012


Please first read the description, then look at pictures and then comment! And perhaps even before the comment! Try Thanks.
And again a new area on the map was developed.
This time it is a flat country with 6 open fields made just for the use of large equipment
A farm as a bearing for the harvest and ample garaging of vehicles.
A second BGA with 2 bunkers
A cogeneration plant for the combustion of straw and hay.
A station as Verkausstelle
Area 2:
For the use of smaller machines
there you will find an additional small Almhof with livestock and a Billinger country store and some new fields and meadows for editing
Area 1:
Undulating landscape for all types of machines
As an extension, I added a new mountain area, where you now find an additional small Almhof with livestock and a Billinger country store and some new fields and meadows for editing.
There are 16 major fields which are still divided into smaller areas depending on the planting so that it can occur up to 40 fields!
The divisions will remain fixed, are not so removed from the cultivator!
I built this map because I besides the GroƟmaschienen also likes to work with old and smaller machines.
You started as the owner of a medium sized farm, whose fleet is partially outdated. But these are just some of the fields not planted but fertilized!
there are plenty of cattle that you can deliver by truck to the slaughterhouse, and make money.
Outlets for your products:
Dairy takes corn wheat and barley, where you also have to deliver your own milk
Mill takes all standard varieties
Warehouse assumes all Standarsorten, there you can buy Josera power food for your herds and unload it into Hofsilo
Slaughterhouse for cattle
BGA, for dung manure, grass chaff, etc.
When a silo barn with Heady’s BGA silo is built where you can see in the ensiled material and can feed your cows in the barn.
To do this you need the following additional mods:
where the BGA silo V2 if you want to compact the silage also extends the otherwise V1.4,
Also of Planet one Siloschaufel with the discharge you can the silo.
Trailer for milk, manure and Josera are in the zip file if you need more vehicles: it work the map of the Aich! So here simply enter in the search box at modhoster Aich!
Since the map has been completely rebuilt, it may be that even small errors are present. For useful comments and I am therefore grateful to all weak Come formatter: it saves you and
The map01.i3d despite consuming only 46.7 MB HD textures and should also work fine on LowPC’s!

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