Sep 5, 2012


The map is a 4-fold Modkarte with 18 fields. There are on the map a farm, a dairy, fruit sales, BGA, machinery dealers, a working cow pasture, a manure and slurry outlet, a retail outlet for chopped corn (also silo and silage) and 2 places where you can sell straw.
On the map, you can grow and sell the following fruits:
Wheat, barley, maize, oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar beets
Chopped corn and grass can be sold in the BGA or Kuhfütterung at the farm store. Chopped corn can be sold separately also. Straw, hay, manure, slurry and silo can also be sold.
There is no traffic on the card, only the milk truck comes 2 times a day to fetch milk.
In order to play the card can have next to the map in the following mod’s modfolder be present: of headshootXXL (Heady – of headshootXXL (Heady – by Tobias F. (John Deere 6930) of rafftnix


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