Sep 15, 2012

Fiat Allis FD14e V.2

I added the frount loader kit, and Made the blade colect sand with Harley’s very personalized help.
Fiat Allis dozer
Kp 4/6 adjustable hitch
Kp 8/2 up/down blade
Kp 1 worklight
Kp 3 mount/dismount ROPS
ESL limiter version
Kp 4/6 Dumps Buket for loader
Kp 2/8 up/down blade
NOTE: you should NOT use both Loader and blade at same time.
3d Model: De Espona + Harley – Texture: Harley
Script/Animation: Harley
Cab/Worklight script: Henly20 (ls-uk modteam)
Terratrac script: Shangri66)
ESL limiter: SFM modding
Tracks: 352c
Edit AlbertL
Included in pack And scripts instailed into dozer blade
Modele: Fredzaza
Texture: Fredzaza
Script: Fredzaza
Attacher and Specs for Stoll Robust F71 LS11
Kp 4/6 buket tip/dump
Kp 8/2 Up/down
Modell: MF390
Textur: MF390
Script: Headshot XXL, Mr.F,Geri-G
Translation: Jerry

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