Sep 20, 2012

Duisburg Farm

here we have them finally DUISBURG FARM
here is enough activity and place for big boys with big toys 44stukken country where you can sow the standart fruits but especially so a few fruits a large yard with lots of room for do-Alpine and tractors
what is there to do away milk to make 1 of the 2 dairies, sugar beets can go to the factory, there is a bga’s, a bio gas plant, brewery, country trade, grain mill and a special place for your greenhouses
enjoy it and much fun this is my first map that I have made them and hopefully like julie julie let me know what its like
Special thanks to the fellow testers MMark, casefan123 and silver shadow
I want to thank all the modders Whose objects are used in this map.
Size of the folder is 263 MB


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