Sep 23, 2012

Deutz D 16006

- Artikulated Steering
- automatic back steering on/off
- turnlights, brakelights
- worklights
- realisticIndoorCamera turn on/off (Beta2)
- realistic fully dynamic exhaust particles
- animated back coupler

Information about the Original D 16006:
The Deutz D 16006 was built in the years 1970 to 1972. He has an Deutz Diesel V8 Engine with over 11 Liters Displacement and makes 160 HP! The length with over 6m and about 9000kg weight is also impressive. But nevertheless after about 40 built Tractors, there are many people say it were only 15 oder 20 tractors, the production of this beast was stopped.
So it was and is the biggest Deutz of the D 06-Series, and the most impressive one, too. But in any case the rarest , a real legend.



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