Sep 6, 2012

CLAAS Lexion750

Models: R & A Modding (Meistro, Repi, Alex2009, Kleener_Putzi, hehe93), BM-Modding
Texture: Repi, Face, Black Jack
Corona textures: funker
Ingame, animations: Repi, Facebook, scooter Killer
Scripts: R & A Modding (Alex2009, Repi), SFM-Modding, Knagsted, Sven777b, Patar, JOHN DEERE 6920, Hitman, gotchTOM, scooter killer, BJR-Modding
Sounds: Sevorane
Version 1.1:
- The thresher can thresh now on Mac OS X.
- Rear View Camera for Mac OS X due to an engine bug no longer
- After the tank drainage Drescher no longer applied by Schwas HAEC
- Rear View Camera 3 and 4 now available in the single player always available.
- Fixed textures and Adjusted.
- Exclude log entry for the unloading speed in the script.
- Chaff Spreader now slightly offset.
- Button to change between windrows and shredding is now being displayed in the Help
- Reel animation revised.
- Warning light switches now unloading more than 80% off again.
Disabled autopilot corn now -.
- Added helper.
- Helpers and autopilot switch themselves off after Offloading not.
- Revised leveling the reapers.
- Players can now reset the Hecktarzähler.
- Menu textures from autopilot are now in DDS format.
- Green Star is now visible for the passenger.
- Built ProjectFix.
- Engine and threshing sound stays on when you leave the thresher.
- Passenger camera now shows when getting no more backwards.
CLAAS Lexion750: 67245
CLAAS Vario1050: 25799
CLAAS Vario900: 23392
CLAAS Conspeed: 12055
Transport protection: 538
TAM Iguana: 6331
- Animated wipers
- Animated door, ladder, railings, mirrors, rear lights, Lenkkonsolle
- Animated grain tank, spreader
- Animated snail in KorntankPipe
- Animated role in the feeder (feeder) and the radial distribution
- Lightbar installed in a modified form in the CEMOS
- Animated steering linkage
- Animated Cylinders for feeder and the radial distribution
- Green Star function in Lexion (…r_Lightbar.htm)
- Green Star only active when coupled SW
- Autocontour = slope compensation (left / right / up / down)
- IC Script by SFM-Modding umgescriptet and easily adapted to the Lexion
- Lights, animations, engine start and other controllable by IC
- Beleuchtungv3.1.1 of Sven777b installed
- CAM activated by IC
- Indoor / outdoor sound to be heard even when door / go
- And much more
CLAAS Vario:
- Reel controlled by mouse
- Animated PTO
- Animated laser pilots
- Reel rotates slowly when switching on and turning off of the
-And much more
Conspeed 8-75 FC:
- Animated dynamic particle collection system
- Foldaway
- Animated feed chains
- Particle systems with Clip Distance
Tam iguana Quattro header trailer:
- Fixation of the cutting unit by pressing the “X”
- Must be unlatched when uncouple the trailer automatically
- Lighting Script v3.1.1

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