Sep 10, 2012

Cat Lexion 760 and 770TT Pack

Claas V1200 animated
Claas V1050 Sunflower,
Biso Header trailer,
Cat Conspeed 8-75 FC,
The mod does not cause Errors, Warnings, or call stacks All animations can be seen in the MP.
Functioning Hectarzähler hourmeter, limiters, adjustable reel V1200 and Drescheinzug, Sunflower Drescheinzug.
Washable everything except the corn cutter
New skin TerraTrac’s are now dirty,
Working light and Num Num 5 6 (stay on when exiting, hence the helper nutzbarf)
Flasher .., brake light New xenon light or Lichtexturen,
Wheelparticel wider tires or chains,
new Esi Limiter and Operationshouer and Hud,
Farmer skin,
Third Camera for easy Hitching the trailer etc. ..
Fruits: wheat rape maize barley rye cotton pea oat green wheat grass sunflower.
Second change:
Set on Pipelight num7
Autocontor for Mowers (Vario1200 and Sunflower)
New ladder
Inside Km / h and rpm indication
Greenstar loading indicator
Vario1200 and Sunflower with digital GreenStar display width
cam pilot (Deco)
Sunflower mower now with Mouse Control
Corncutter now Washable
Trailer with third Axis for Vario1200′s -> Thank you Wolf Tiger!
Trailer box with traces in the field and on the road


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