Sep 8, 2012


This is my first map edit of the default map.You have medium-large square fields.Fruits are original plus oats,greenwheat,tee,mohn,luzerne,
cotton and sunflower.
The seeds,fertilizer,fuel triggers are at the farm.Multisilo,bale shredder and new equipment shop are also located at the farm.The cowzone
is situated up northwith silage dump and grass unloading.You can fill liquid and solid manure and sell it.There is no milktruck the milk
Down south at the brewery you have all three sell points BREWERY-MILL-PORT.The sell point in front of the brewery is BREWERY SELLPOINT
the point on the rightside is MILL SELLPOINT and the smaller sell point is PORT SELLPOINT.
I created this map with the helper mode function in my mind so most of the fields are square or rectangular in shape and the trees dont have
collisions.The fields have both flat and sloping terrain,the field in the east have some steep slopes and mud holes.
It is roughly 280 hectares or 700 acres according to the pda.I hope u will enjoy it.
PLEASE READ-Not tested for mp-No roads or traffic-Very few buildings.MY MAIN FOCUS WAS ON FARMING AND FARMING.
MODS NEEDED-SUPERSILO TRIGGER AND PDA MOD for Workers/MultiFruit put them in ur mods folder.
Extra Fruits-Seederman
Base map-Ace Uk
Birch tree pack-Giants Skin: Farmari99
Meadow diffuse-masam/wopito
Silageberg-fendtfan1996 alias fendtfan96
Multisilo-model Maca/script Defender
John Deere Dealership Store-Made by TROLL711 —Credits-To—Deere And
Mud-by: Diops33
Grass textures-Giants, The920Power
Trees-GKM Map

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