Sep 8, 2012

Bales tandem trailer with new attach function

Here is our bales Tandemtieflader with new Attach function.
- Bales are engaged and set straight as soon as the bale fork is no longer in the vicinity of the trailer. (See pictures)
- Only for the standart square bales of GIANTS and the square bales of Strohmod .
- “Snapping, diff: ** Number **” is the MP at the client in the log. This message is harmless and hardly avoidable.
- I recommend the bale fork from LS 11 Strohmod , of course you can also take on other forks.
Where our mod is for dl, we decide!
The mod should be without our permission is not modified or uploaded again, this also applies to international forums / portals.
You are not allowed to modify the mod or upload it somewhere else!


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