Sep 10, 2012

Ambulance pack

This a edit of the rettungswagen pack (that can be found on another website)
I edited and added bluelights and reskinned it, so it looks a bit more swedish.
It also has turning indicators, work/extra lights in all directions and a siren, that starts by pressing space.
You can edit it for private use, but don’t upload it anywhere else, if you edit and want to upload, you need my permission.
For getting it to work, you need to download it, and unzip it (I recommend to use 7-zip), so it’s a normal folder, not a zip-file or somthing like that.
Don’t know why it don’t works to just place it there, but I will try to fix the problem.
Model: Stormi, David
Texture: Waegi
All edits: pedis99

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