Sep 27, 2012

Horneburg Map

HD textures
newly created map
1 yard with Bale shredders
1 cow pasture
Road Traffic (adapted)
Wind Turbines
Lake with island
2 points of sale (land and commercial brewery)
Fruit: wheat, barley, grass, canola, corn, chopped
naturally applied fields and meadows
a village
Milk is collected




New claas for foresty map
Credits for original CLAAS
Modell: Templaer und Wohlstandskind
Textur: Templaer und Wohlstandskind
Script: Templaer
Modification: Jerome-57


Mack RS700L

Worn Tires
New Dynamic Exhaust
Rubber Duck Hood ornament
Rubber Ducks Truck From The Movie Convoy
Nice Rims
High Horsepower
CB Antenna’s
Grill Guard
Rubber Duck Trucking Co.
Cost $228
Fuel 700 Gallons
I hope you enjoy this truck as much as I do. Please tell me about any problems or compliments you have in the support topic! Happy Gaming!

Model: Lordtex
Texutre: Lordtex
Script: Lordtex


John Deere 3400 Square Baler

This is a re-skin of the excellent Claas Quadrant 3400 square baler on this site into a John Deere 3400 square baler. I have baled thousands of bales with this baler and never had any problems with it. I am not sure if it is MP ready or not, some sources I have read say that the Claas I used for the re-skin is not MP ready so this one may not be either. I have edited the capacity to be more realistic and edited the baler to bale grass and pea in addition to the original crops. This is a very big baler (even in real life these things are huge!) so you will need a manly tractor to pull it and bale effectively.
Capacity: 700
Bales: wheat, barley, drygrass, grass, pea
B turns baler on/off

Model: Geri-G
Texture: Geri-G/BigFarmer145
Script: Geri-G/Outlaw/Face
Ingame LS11: Lui88
Re-skin: ccs101


Massey Ferguson 2170 Square Baler

This is a re-skin of the excellent Case Presse LBX332 square baler on this site into a Massey Ferguson 2170 Square Baler. There is a good MF baler already here which bales the large square bales, but I have not seen one which does the regular game square bales so I decided to skin one. I have edited the capacity to make it more realistic and edited the baler to bale grass, alfalfa and clover in addition to the original crops. This baler has worked well for me with no issues. The original Case 332 info states that this model is MP ready, however I have not tested this.
Capacity: 700
Bales: wheat, barley, dryGrass, grass, alfalfa, clover
B turns baler on/off
Hope you Massey fans enjoy this!
Original Giants
Umbau Shippy74
Re-skin: cca101

Sep 24, 2012

Fliegl TMK260 Official 1.1



Steffen Country ®

This map is completely new with many middle gestaltetet fields on a not so flat terrain. At a forest of signs I have refrained, use for better orientation a MapViewer.
The following fruits are incorporated :: standard types of fruit, sugar beet, potato, sunflower, rye, cotton, alfalfa, triticale, oat, pea pod, soybean. The fruits of fodder beet, carrot, poppy, Maize2, Green wheat, rice, sugarcane, kale, cabbage, red cabbage, kohlrabi, hops, spinach, yellow beans, green beans, cauliflower harvest completely new sow (that will not plow in). Reed, alfalfa and grass to grow.
Resellers are Felleskjøpet, Erasco, Aldi, Agravis, Licher Brewery, Meistro’s harbor and Meindel. There are a further BGA kit by Manuel, StrawelevatorStandardBarn grass silos, diverse factories for reeds, cotton and sugar cane +.
Additional 4 stops for fuel and for seed are installed. (By Hewaaa garages, gas station)
A second courtyard where this time picked out of cows and pigs and cattle on sale (milk) can be submitted.
Sale and transported to following types: sand, stone, gravel, milk, water and manure.
Following mods you need further:
– MapViewer_050_FoxAlpha
- MapDoorTrigger
- MapBGASilo
- MP_PDA_by_Nubsi (I use)
I wish you much fun with my map hope you like it. Steffen


Mitsubishi L 200 Outdoor

Fixed: Texture folder cleaned up and converted to dds textures.
Other horn sound inserted.
Repair function of the Schadensmods rafftnix inserted!
Can now be used as a service truck to repair the machines!


Deutz Fahr 4090 HTS Topliner

Urmod: LordNyax
Conversion / Construction: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977, model eicher
Texture: schlueterfan1977
Sven777b (BeleuchtungV3, toggleAnimatedParts)
Face (ESLimiter, Operating Hours, Power detention ThreshingCounter)
gotchTOM (strawSpec)
MxY.rlp (PERAD)
Eicher Model (slope Work Transportation, realisticIndoorCam, realExhaustParticleSystem)

- Leveling
- Chop and change between straw swaths
- Realistic particle exhaust system
- Realistic Indoor Cam
- Turn signal light work etc.
- Various animated parts


Dammannn professional Claas

Here you have time my version of the original syringe. All the functions are in erleutert video.
You probably also log errors, since they all have been resolved.
Sharing for the cameras there.
IMPORTANT: This is not the syringe of “Bluebaby210″ or I did not abgekuckt me.


Brettach °OpenBeta°

This is the open beta Brettach, It is a very detailed map, but not enough time to ready to build: (Would appreciate if someone would finish building.


Claas Mega 218 Pack

Here is a round CLass_Mega_218 Packet.
At the request of some LS players we put a package together.
Everything is included that you need.
The package is ready and MP washable, in addition, the texture formats and VRam-consumption needs.
Advance a big thank you to “Dorsy”, without which this project would not have been possible ll
Invites you to StrawSpec.Lua runter.Da adapted the chopper the LUA so that you can switch between insert chaff and straw swath.
(It must no longer make the hoster)



This is my Nokka trailer. It accepts wheat, barley, rape, oat, rye, potato, sugarbeet, manure and sand. It har also the wheelparticlesystem and it’s capacity is 16100 gallons.

Modell: Farmari99
Textures: Farmari99
In-Game: Farmari99
Scripts: Outlaw


American Farmer

This is a simple map not much detail
The map has corn,conola,wheat,barley,and grass.
The map has people,traffic,cows,and a milk truck.
The map has orignal machines.
The map has small,medium,large,fields 63 in all.
The map has 3 sell points the brewerys.
The map has store grain or sell grain.
You can sell your grass at the feed n seed.

Google Sketchup.


Schlüter Super 1800 TVL

Schlüter Super 1800 TVL Year 1972 was the basis of the later vehicle
Super 2000 TVL this Served on the testing of the components
later in 2000 TVL super place and found it a
very robust ones have helper Made in agriculture

- Front & rear window to open
- Doors open
- Animated Hydraulick
- Turn signal and hazard warning lights
- Work Light
- Realistic camber
- Realistic exhaust smoke
- RealisticIndoorCam (beta)
- ESLimiter, Powershaftattacher, hourmeter
- Switchable banana and wheel weights
Schine-acre hidden from when something is put in the same way as the hitch Hydraulick
1:1 scale



Sep 23, 2012


Here is my Schadensmod.
-. All Maschienen can in collisions with other objects (rigid body type does not matter, trigger exception) go wrong – the amount of damage depends on the force of the impact and weight of the vehicle and difficulty vehicles can be repaired by Werkstattwagen or workshop are included in the repair depends on the purchase price of the vehicle to be repaired and the difficulty diesel consumption rises, the more damage a vehicle has-A vehicle can not drive as fast, the more damage it has damage indicator on the vehicles on / off and damage display HUD right up under the clock-Installs itself in all vehicles-MP ready credits: script: rafftnixModell and texture of the workshop: Maxter and model calibration heritage Sonderer thanks to: – evil lion for his criticism model eicher for release of the workshop operation: – + Use the key combination [Ctrl] [alt] + [n] you can display the damage on the vehicles ein/ausschalten- by Werkstattwagen their vehicles can repair within 15 meters (key M) – In the workshop, the machine can be repaired without activation … etc. installation : -. Just put the zip in the Modsordner – The workshop will be as normal Mapobjekt incorporated into the map, if you use them wollt.Enthalten are: – Schadensmod script (self installed) – Workshop trolley Mapobjektskript for garage workshop (with function , extra link) Notes: The amount of damage is not always realistic, but I have tried to calculate it as good as possible … The zip archive must not be renamed. …


Beco 1800

Here’s a Beco Super 1800, It can haul the following fruittypes:
wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, fertilizer, potato & sugarbeet.
ton: 1800
Price: 4.000

model: txfan
texture: txfan


Ford Disk

This is a re-skin of the JDGFEgge to a Ford 1970′s 200 series disk and I have corrected the lua file so that the disk acts as a typical game safemode cultivator

X folds and unfolds the disk
V lowers and raises the disk

Blackzeus, Lsfarmer
Script: johndeere, Pixel_Bauer
Re-Skin: ccs101


Fortschritt E516b Pack

Polycount: 52,570
Texture consumption VRam: 7.36 MB
Grain hopper: 8500L
Fuel: 400l

Polycount: 16,780
Texture VRam consumption: 2.1 MB
Cutting width: 6.70 m
Rapstisch automatically opens in sunflower and rapeseed
Halmtrenner hide automatically in wheat, barley, triticale

Header Trailer
Polycount: 23,327
Texture consumption VRam: 2.91 MB

Corn Cutter
Polycount: 16,283
Texture consumption VRam: 4.18 MB

Trailer Corn Cutter
Polycount: 8728
Texture consumption VRam: 1.57 MB

Light: Press F
Press and hold F: beam
Indicator left / right / hazard lights: key Num1/Num3/Num2
Work light front: Tasste Num 5
Work Light Pipe: Num 6
Head: N key
Straw shredder: key K
Door: key X
RUL: key pos1

Ur-Modelle: Tornado
Modelledit, Textur, Sound: Bauer Hooorst
Script: Sven777b
Partikelsysteme: Bauer Hooorst, E36Styler


Old & Sons farm, Knuston, Northamptonshire V2 – DLC2

The features of the farm,
- Standard crops can be sold directly to the main farm silo for money, though if you want to store the crop for seeding purposes there is a small seed pit in one of the barns and this also includes the seed stacks and trigger.
- To sell your bales their is a bale destroy shed at back of farm, unload bales into center of barn and they will disappear.
- Liquid manure can be used for the pit at front side of farm.
- Fertilizer can be purchased from the shed near the main selling silos.
- The store is also located at front side of farm, near the house and pink store trigger.

This map has been tested in multiplayer and works rather well, but remember the map is detailed and is aimed at medium to high computers.
Un-zip the 3 mods into your mod folder there is two gate trigger mods and a map file.

- Fixed PDA
- DLC 2 silage clamps
- Cow zone added
- Bales compose down to manure over time within the dairy barn
- added Mythos bale trigger to the main farms bale destroy location
- Various information triggers to help you along
- Major distant scenery added along one side
- FMC map trigger version 2 added (no need for any other .zips)
- few odd objects added around the farm and fields


Kuusivaara -Map [MP]

This is my last map for FS 2011.

-Original fruits (wheat, barley and rape)
-Realistic textures
-Realistic grass cutting
-Working PDA map

The map has also MapBGA Silos, so you have to download BGA mods to make it work correctly. You can get them with other maps. (?)

Farmari99 (me) for the map, Venom, ValtraN111, Kartturi+others for the objects and ValtraN111 for some textures.


Living in The Circle -Map [MP]

This is my map for FS 2011
-Original Fruits (Wheat, Barley and Rape)
-Realistic Textures
-Working BGA Silo
The map has also MapBGA Silos, so you have to download BGA mods to make it work correctly. You can get them with other maps.
This map may not be published anywhere else. I do it myself if it is necessary!
Made By : Winukka

Deutz D 16006

- Artikulated Steering
- automatic back steering on/off
- turnlights, brakelights
- worklights
- realisticIndoorCamera turn on/off (Beta2)
- realistic fully dynamic exhaust particles
- animated back coupler

Information about the Original D 16006:
The Deutz D 16006 was built in the years 1970 to 1972. He has an Deutz Diesel V8 Engine with over 11 Liters Displacement and makes 160 HP! The length with over 6m and about 9000kg weight is also impressive. But nevertheless after about 40 built Tractors, there are many people say it were only 15 oder 20 tractors, the production of this beast was stopped.
So it was and is the biggest Deutz of the D 06-Series, and the most impressive one, too. But in any case the rarest , a real legend.



John Deere 4850 Rop crow

John Deere 4850 Rop Crow
Animated Heckhydraulick
Switchable front weights
To open rear window
pendulum axis
light Script
Realisticher exhaust smoke
Realistic IndoorCam (beta)
Idle speed control
Twins, triplets switched
1:1 scale


McHale 991

So folks, I’ve even made ​​the effort to revise my Ballenwickelmaschiene.
What is new is the color [red]
Hope you like it
‘ve Even thought there are only 2 Ballenwickelmaschienen in Ls-11, and these are not enough!
In Ls-09 heaps Ballenwickelmaschienen were! Why not in the LS-11?
I’m in the Ls-13 build more mods
Hope you like the Ballenwickelmaschiene

Mod can be uploaded to other forums only if the original download link is being used!
Mod must be changed after permission from me!
Otherwise have fun with the mod


MR Klausen

Dear LS community,
we decided to build a weight nunja and see for yourself what came out here.
For weight: it weighs 700 kg
has an AO Texture
must be appended with the Weiste triangle (included in the RAR file!)
it is in 1:1
That’s it 
Credits: Medell: thesteyr9094, thejohndeere7930, chiller984
Texture: thejohndeere7930, dada
Ingame: thejohndeere7930


Sep 20, 2012

Volvo A40D Farm Edition – V.0.2 Release

Volvo A40D Farm Edition – Dumper for farmer Wink
A realistic frame and a realistic weights, a little bit more powerful than the original (reduce in the next release).
Specialization :
– Hirable
– ArticulatedSteering
– Powershaft
– ESLimiter
– operatingHours
– dynamicExhaustingSystem
Capacity : 48 200
Standart fruits + fertilizer, manure.
One trailer and one lowtrailer attacher at the back.
Free to edit, but please, just improve it.


Lemken solitair 9m

yes even a Seeding machine
they can fruits stardat sähr
Sun Flowers
Green bohn
Yellow bohn
my log say 2 kb from the machine it is running top 9 meter working width



Dear player, I want to read you this day before my 2 drescher make have been tested in long 2 weeks and in the sp and mp.
He has made no logfehler and nothing else and so do not be too angry with me, it is my 3 mod and yes I give everything.
So much fun with my class and am looking forward to your comments.




Special thanks to PONTIACSJ
i3D modell: PONTIACSJ
The Rest: LilBrando


Hummer H2




Landkreis Uecker Randow

Today I want a new version of my map Introducing: The Map entsrang out of my imagination and has the map names do nothing. This map comes from Blackburner (new cow zone) and was completely re aufgbaut.Freigabe exists. On the map you will find a contracting company which is also equal to the shop function assumes there you will also find a way to your fruit store, fill up your vehicles, seeds and fertilizer to kaufen.Ein pool what with rain fills order to load water for your greenhouses . In the cow pasture you can feed the cows in the barn and your chaff in the Freilandsilo tilt to store it. Straw bales for sale, throw it in the bin and silo to get manure (same principle as the Bga). Milk you have to leave yourself and sell at HaGe. The market also provides manure and manure from the cows laden.Bei HaGe you can sell your crops at the best price as well as grass / chaff and milk. And for mortgage pirates flat collecting is installed =)
The map is very well suited for low Pc’s
Chancelog V 1.2
- Sound inserted Off road
- Deco and more errors in the terrain ironed
- Fields enlarged and away for more fun
- Built-in water basin for removal of water for greenhouses (filled with rain)
- Power cable installed
Chancelog V 1.1
- New Grass Texture
- New corn texture
- Super Tanker Fill trigger speed increases
- Trigger for adoption of new chopped shredded in a cowshed should ….
now run in Mp -Sales Trigger HaGe exchanged (now recognized by the Course Play)
- Added decoration
- Visual beauty of the Map

Mods that you need: (search on Google and you will immediately find =)
- …………… current version is needed
- …….. current version is needed
- -
- Milk Mod by Acert: -
- Strautmann_Hydrofox2–5

Recommended Mods:–5

A description is available in the zip in this picture ….


Silent Valley

The map builds like the first version on the Silent Valley V1.2 of prosperity child
as well as the already released SilentValleyByBandit on.
It has been revised a few:
- Map01.i3d = 28.6 MB, Standard Fruit
- KalkMod built by Jesse James, lime can be purchased at Billinger or Agravishandel
- Zeppelin flying by Landwirt12, NKB-modding
- Flying eagle by BulldozerXL
- Manure shovel triggers in the yard built the left of the conveyor belt
- Mist on the conveyor belt can be loaded now even in smaller manure spreaders and trailers
- It the Holzmod from my KölledaMap_Final was used, but with the Fruit of Change Trigger Rafftnix
- It is made of logs and lumber from the sawmill firewood firewood
- ManureMod is installed (with field detection limits)
- Water tank can be filled at Billinger country trade and the ball barn
- Some textures have been changed
- Water is album of the ball at the barn or Billinger
- And much more …..

During installation, the installation menu from Papa, remember the PDF file to read!
In the installation menu are any additional scripts to the original providers of those scripts
linked, so you can save yourself looking long. Registration in the forums is of course
every itself. When you start the installation menu apply please be patient, it may take a
Take a moment to start the menu! Otherwise, as I said please read the attached PDF!

MapViewer can with Numpad “.” open
The MapFruitChangeTrigger can use CTRL-ALT-m show open or required mandatory: by Rafftnix: by Heady: by Heady: by Heady: by Eicher-fan:
Amazone ZA-M1500 Lime by NKB-modding:
is recommended:
My thanks to all the modders and mappers from those scripts, objects, or other things on the map are used!
In addition to pfreek, nickel and sven777b the unhesitatingly their objects and scripts are provided!


Large Heidekamp

This map is built on a 1:1 scale, only use 1:1 or nearly large (small) mods, otherwise quickly comes to frustration.
Hello dear gamers LS 11, this is my last work for LS 11th At Christmas, everyone is waiting for Santa Claus. In October, all waiting for LS2013.
Welcome back to the United Heidekamp.
A lot has happened in the meantime. The DLC2 BGA at LU – yard is burned and the LU Schilling – Lehberger had no interest to build them again. Instead, a new larger BGA (Heady) was erected near the milk Betreibes, here you can also sell straw bales at the local ball heating.
The LU Schilling – Lehberger has built on the site of the old BGA machine shop with a new grain warehouse, next to the hall, you can now temporarily stored sugar.


Duisburg Farm

here we have them finally DUISBURG FARM
here is enough activity and place for big boys with big toys 44stukken country where you can sow the standart fruits but especially so a few fruits a large yard with lots of room for do-Alpine and tractors
what is there to do away milk to make 1 of the 2 dairies, sugar beets can go to the factory, there is a bga’s, a bio gas plant, brewery, country trade, grain mill and a special place for your greenhouses
enjoy it and much fun this is my first map that I have made them and hopefully like julie julie let me know what its like
Special thanks to the fellow testers MMark, casefan123 and silver shadow
I want to thank all the modders Whose objects are used in this map.
Size of the folder is 263 MB


Claas Markant41 v2.0



Fliegl Güllefass 18000l

- powershaft
- beleuchtung v3
- mooringblocks
- animated fill level indicators
- increase tractor RPM during work
- fill sound
- lock steering axles



Tank Farm

So today I bring you my office depot before I hope you like!
Here you can block it in the map I wrote simply get onto the credits and is well.


Nice house

So here you still have a beautiful home to me what you can install on your map!



Sep 18, 2012

Claas Jaguar 980 (re-textured)

This is a Claas Jaguar 980 edit by AJT4. So what have I done and what comes with the mod.
More realistic cab similar as can be made to real life version (Done by AJT4)
GAP through centre of cab COVERD by new cab styling (done by AJT4)
New GB number plates , front one removed rear one kept (Done by AJT4) comes with Dirty textures
Grass particle on it.
You will find the Claas PU300HD in this link:
You will find the Claas orbis in this Link:
Once these link’s exceed their limit I will paste them onto the support page.
Trying to keep it EXE based for those who are unable to download ZIP.
This is an excellent mod for multiplayer there is No messing on with MP as it doesn’t come with any. Very good for all Contractors out there and in SP .Very nice to handle and good machine to work with.


Changelog Version 1.96:
- Cow pasture was divided, fenced and provided with log-gates since it was very simple but. The doors can also be installed on the Finster Brunner valley here and get their baptism of fire. Currently still without collision. I’d love to know what your players think of the gates.
- Barn in the valley got a pile of manure and other details, no Ausmistmod.
- Both dunghill you can now tilt the shovel again.
- Maisreihensaat was visually adapted plants are now close.
- Barn on the farm was spread and it is now there are horses.
- Various minor changes, height adjustments, etc etc etc for better gameplay.
- Plane directed water, water for the greenhouses DLC can now be removed from the pond.
Changelog Version 1.95:
- BGA expanded, upgraded all triggers on standard scripts
Exchanged scripts of silos, the silos are now running on and -
- Manure trigger adjusted, now is the standard manure trigger
- Strawbale to Manuremod installed. Throws one bale of straw on the crap, you get crap to
- PDA image created, assign field numbers: red = box, turquoise = pasture
- PDA Hotspot sign change, delete, create new and partly imported from my RWvsPA
- Cowsheds visible (or there were already 2 stables built but invisible) and placed optics adapted
- Small Ball Trigger moved to the cow shed (next to the Josera, you can already see where * grin *)
- Ball sale now fixed, you can now sell bales in the loft of the timber yard at the shelter
- Merchants expanded a little, a second entrance and a new hall built Heeewa kit installed
- Construction of 2 wind turbine park is behind the merchant in the forest, a new path towards leads.
- Traffic adapted cars, and the milk truck
- Mapenden changed, no more building sites, for a sign as you get closer
- All pastures with short grass planted. After cutting short grass stands on the pastures and provides more realism
- Adler fitted spline adjusted
- Customized background colors of fields. If you have harvested everything, it looks empty in the valley.
- reduced by about 75MB, 126MB versus 211MB previously
- Manure and Güllemod installed (with field detection limits) (*)
- Milk production adapted it less milk, liquid and solid manure is produced, the milk price is 32Cent/Liter
- Grain corn can be sold, but not stored on the farm
- Growth adjusted: grain needs 2 hours per level, grass one hour
- The farm was equipped with MapDoorTriggern.
- Billinger country store built, looks visually just beautiful, especially the texture.
- Fertilizer mod installed at the country store, including Hall (thanks team Eifok)
- Dynamic delineators installed
Barn built by model Eicher and doors and built to MapDoorTrigger in Cinema4D

Progress Pack T-174

This pack contains 3 different color versions of the mobile crane “Progress T-174″. Containing variants are available in blue, yellow and green. The vehicle has a different sound. The door opens and closes by IC circuit and.
The following changes were made:
- Vehicle size has changed (model is now larger)
- Beacon grown
- Grown Spotlight front
- Sound somewhat optimized
- New colors created
Operating Notes:
- Left mouse button: use boom
- Right button: rotate construction
- Left and right mouse button: Support Collapse

Farmet – Excelent Premium 6

Seeder is only single player
Planter for wheat , barley , maize , rape and grass.
Together you will get a pack of Big Bags for filling ( can be filled only this way ) , and hook for both – telehandler and frontloader Joints .
Real seeds ussage :
wheat 220 kg/ha
barley 200 kg/ha
maize 50 – 70 kg/ha
rape 6 kg/ha
grass 35 kg/ha
Capacity :
seeder 4000 l ( or 3000 l seed ana 1000 l fertilizer )
Big Bags 1000 l
Price store
Seeder – 72000
Bags – 360-10000
Attention: seeder is at speeds greater than 15 km/hour damaged and had to be repaired .
First repair is for 1000 eur , second is much more expensive.
Function :
Seeder could be filled only after opening cover.
1. fold/unfold – button “X”
2. lader – button “O”
3. cover – button “O”
4. partition – button “B”
5. seeder up/down – button “V”
6. fan(seeding) – button “B”
7. tractor 3 point hitch up/down – button “insert”/”delete” , for adjusting of height
8. work lights – button “End”
9. ridge markers – button “J” and “L” , automatic “K”
10. empty tank – button “R”
For ladder, cover, partiing – go on the seeder .
For emptying of tank go on front right part of the seeder.
Excelent Premium 6
model – Maca
ingame/script- Defender
Beleuchtung v3.1.1- Sven777b
Model: Jincheng
Edit: Defender
BigBag Lifter
Model, Ingame: Defender

Claas Lexion Sunspeed

Hello people,
here we have a Claas Lexion Sunflower for you.
Snowing this work is suitable for Claas Lexion 750/770 of SFM and is animated.
Camera left / right
PTO Attacher
Types of fruit, rapeseed and sunflower.

Claas Markant41

Claas Markant41 v 1
This mod is scaled 1:1.


Claas Variant 385 Red Line

Claas Variant 385 Red Line
hello people now is the Claas Variant 385 Fixed, we thank our attentive users!
To show our appreciation we have a Red Line for you added together …
Special thanks to PaPa of quality for the great idea!
Pike animated
bale counter
net change
light V3.1
PTO Attacher
The press can compress hay, straw, rye straw, and the usual
SP / MP tested
Stefan Geiger
Manuel Leithner


Masey Fergunson 5650

Masey Fergunson 5650 v 2
This is version 2 of the MF 5650 combine edited.



This mower is designed for high horsepower and large pastures!
Width of 18 meters!
Now she’s dirty and it can be washed Karcher!
Beautiful animation!


Scania ModHeaven forwarding

All-new animation! To open the tailgate, you have to get out and go right back to the control panel
Laden is still normal
Cases have interior light
When loading beer stand in there also cases of beer
New skin (at least the brand is not protected)
Loadable: beer egg chicken pigs beetle juice yogurt butter bread hmilch spawn meat meat dairyProducts sugar fries
Loaded with:
Cheese, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, bread, UHT milk, fish, beer, eggs, meat, sugar, chips and dairy products
Loading capacity: 20500 liters
Price in shop: 98200 €
Credits: FS2013

Scania Refrigerated Truck

Dynamic exhaust, tire dust in fields, StVO V3.1 lighting, steering axis (axis 3)
Rangierkamera, Rangierscheinwerfer, animated tail lift (open / close, raise / lower)
Case interior lighting load (on and hidden).
Loaded with:
Cheese, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, bread, UHT milk, fish, beer, eggs, meat, sugar, chips and dairy products
Loading capacity: 20500 liters
Price in shop: 98200 €
Due to the downloadable products, this vehicle is suitable for the following maps:
AichMap V5.1, V5.0 and V4
Bassumer country V3.8 and V4
When playing maps missing on which one or more of the above products harmless warnings appear in the log.txt.
This has on the stability of the game’s control.
This vehicle is not for “low” PCs suitable.