Aug 31, 2012

Volvo NL12 e Caçamba Randon Linha (R)

Hello everyone, it takes me a little bad the volvo and bucket is available to let you have fun as best I could, but lacked details about how there were people who
was already eager to make it ready soon, I decided to post it today.
In volvo put the following functions, moving the antennas in the wireless radio on and this skirt when walking, hiding rodoar mirror and hubcap, open doors, lift truck, windshield wiper, reverse camera (low light, high, back, cabin, turn signals, reverse, stop and tail) and trail dust, exhaust dynamics, handbrake, (pointers speedometer, turn, fuel gauge, brake pressure, oil pressure and temperature).
Note stop when trigger a rise in the handbrake.
Functions of the bucket, this movement in the skirt when walking, put canvas, dust and trail, lift truck, and hide rodoar cap (lights, turn signals, reverse, stop and tail)
I hope you enjoy all the good fun and even more.
Function Keys:
Starting: Enter the numeric keypad
Flashing: the numeric keys 1,2,3
Light booth: 4 numeric
Light: hold tight high F
Backlight: 6 numeric
Open doors: 7.8 of numerical
Hide and rodoar cap: 9
Hide rearview: 8
Handbrake: Space
Lift shaft: V
Windshield Wiper: 7
Enlonar: L
Lift shaft: B
Hide and rodoar cap: 9
Flashers: 1,2,3 number of
Modelo: Alemão (FBT Modding)
Texturas: Alemão (FBT Modding)
Scripts: Alemão (FBT Modding)
Sons: Alemão (FBT Modding)

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