Aug 8, 2012

Upper Carinthia

Map of Upper Carinthia husqvarnafan and Pascal
I thank all the modders that we have verwentet textures and objects.
benötigtee Mods: Map Door trigger
Map bga silo
The plays in Austria (Carinthia) closer Upper Carinthia.
There are lots of steep fields have been made.
The corn fields are not quite so steep because of the round bale.
Grain corn must be sold at the Watermill.
It should also be off the road:
My Games
Farming Simulator 2011
Traffic destiny 1
writes a 0 instead of 1 clean and ready
The map has two small errors 1, it will grow a couple of trees that you can easily but weggrubbern
2, you can not sell the bales simply invites you down ballenfütterungsmod.
This is our first map, I hope you like it.

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