Aug 20, 2012

TSL Silospace tridem

Here is a TSL Silospace tridem from TSL special vehicle.
It was a request from the trailer and he is TSL special vehicle. So NOT a real person!
Comments for length and whether or not that is real savings!
* Wheelparticle
* Bel v3
* Axis 1 and 3 with draw
* Capa: 65000
* Fruits: wheat rape maize barley grass chaff sugarbeet sunflower potato
* convertiert cereal / silo in Grass or chaff
* Wagon
* animated PicUp … takes Grasschwad ONLY!

About length … but seriously only 3.5t
* washable
* movable drawbar (Sript Heady)
* movable flap on the side holds … due to age properly. Is always on the purchase.
* Agency for Offloading of threshing on the trailer top marks
* and more Kleinkeiten

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