Aug 11, 2012

Scania G380 + Bitrem Guerra

Hello guys, took a while but is ready our Bitrem, the principle would be a conversion of the GTS, but the quality of the model dropped a lot and was very large. So I ended up remodeling it, but kept the characteristics of the original model.
Contains optional manual or automatic exchange.
The canvas appears by pressing the “8″ and rodoares “9″.
Load capacity and 75,000 liters in the first engagement + or – 52 ton rear hitch and 85,000 liters + or – 60 ton.
This charge is not real but people asked for a higher load capacity for them.
Scania is authored by Wellington and the team helped in detail and scripts.
Here is a version without manual starting and without gears that Scania: Automatic.

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