Aug 12, 2012

Old and Sons farm, Knuson, Northamptonshire

Official FMC (Freelance Modding Crew) Release
Here is a little something I am releasing for you guys to give a tiny taster of the realism I hope to produce on a map in LS2013.
This map is a simple yet large arable map.
This map is based on the view from my bedroom window and the area of which i have walked, played, cycled around all my life and know like the back of my hand.

I have used a scale print on my map in grass and gravel to give a real guide to follow when building the map, I also used the terrain DEM tool to get the terrain to life although these processes needed a fair bit of playing around with to get it right. The farm location and layout is as correct as I could get and the houses along the back of one of the fields is were I live.
There are no cows on this map though they can be purchased to produce liquid manure in the pit, there is no silage clamp either as its not a grass farm.
The features of the farm,
- Standard crops can be sold directly to the main farm silo for money, though if you want to store the crop for seeding purposes there is a small seed pit in one of the barns and this also includesthe seed stacks and trigger.
- To sell your bales their is a bale destroy shed at back of farm, unload bales into center of barn and they will disappear.
- Liquid manure can be used for the pit at front side of farm.
Fertilizer can be purchased from the shed near the main selling silos.
- The store is also located at front side of farm, near the house and pink store trigger.
This map has been tested in multi-player and works rather well, but remember the map is detailed and is aimed at medium to high computers.
Un-zip the 3 mods into your mod folder there is two gate trigger mods and a map file.

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