Aug 10, 2012

Maz 200B & Maz 205 Pack

Welcome back to John Deere equipment! If your looking for trucks we have got exactly what you need right here the Maz 200B and the Maz 205! They are the best trucks around with features like:

Maz 200B/Maz 205
Multiplayer Supported
Moving Gauges
Opening Doors/Windows
Multifruit (Wheat Barley, Rape, Maize, Chaff, Grass, Potatoes, Sugar Beets, carrots, Sunflower & Sand)
Blinkers/Hazard Lights
Moving Switches
Vibrating Engine
Opening Engine Panels
Addable Spare Tires
Manual Ignition
Cabin Lighting
Very Detailed
Brake Lights
Moving Shifters
Dim/Bright Lights
Maz 200B Trailer Capacity: 12,000
MAZ 205 Trailer Capacity: 7,000
MAZ 205 Cost: $90,000
MAZ 200B Cost: $70,000
Maz 200B Trailer Cost: $15,000
Maz 205 Trailer Cost: $10,000
MAZ 200B
Power : 99kw/135AG
Weight : 6500kg
Fuel tank : 300 Gallons
Trailer capacity : 7000kg
MAZ 205
Power : 99kw/135AG
Weight : 6600kg
Fuel tank : 150 Gallons
Trailer capacity : 7000kg
Small trailer capacity : 7000kg
Numpad Enter: Starts engine
Numpad + : Zooms camera in/Out
Numpad 1,2,3: Blinkers/Hazards
Space: Parking Brake/Opens Drivers side door
Keypad 5 : Fold Down Visor
Keypad 6 : Open/close side windows
Keypad 7 : open/close passenger door
Keypad 8 : open/close the driver’s side Front window;
Keypad 9 : open/close the passenger’s side Front window;
F : Lights (Dim)
F : (x2) Lights (Brights)
T : Open/Close hood vent
Y : Turn Wipers On/Off
R : Adds/ Removes engine hoods
X : Adds/Removes Left Spare Tire
Z : Adds/Removes Right Spare Tire
Right Mouse Button: Moves Camera
Thanks for shopping at John Deere equipment! Your become quite the valued customer! Which will leave you with special discounts and a possibility of winning a free tractor. At John Deere Equipment we make sure you are the priority! If you have any troubles with these trucks take them to the mechanic in the Support Topic. Cheesy
Model: JSM
Textures: JSM
Scripts: JSM
If I missed anyone who helped produce this mod or I messed the credits up please send me a PM so I can fix it.

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