Aug 11, 2012

Lower Highlands

I hereby register with the v2 of CLM_Map by darius (stelistu).
She has now got a new name so that it looks more appealing.
Changes to v1:
Blitzer is set correctly
With high-rise residential and supermarket inserted
BGA resized
Pigsty added
Add chicken barn
New straw texture (larger swaths)
lanes added
court changed
Startup screen changed (images and text)

What can offer this map:
By a very small i3d of only 14 mb is this map very well for low PC’s or for the multiplayer game is geeignet.Es the manure and manure-Mod (liquid and solid manure on fields is visible), the milk must put itself on sale werden.Eine medium-sized biogas plant with two large silos is available.
you will need
milk trailer

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