Aug 20, 2012

Livestock Feeding Mod

The mod pack contains
Kverneland KD710
- Accepts silage (dlc2), grass, maize, grains, sugarbeet, potatoes as well as all types of bales
- Outputs crop as grass or maize
- Fully multiplayer compatible and works with or without DLC2
Marshall Feed Trailer, Ring Feeder, Big Bale Feeder
- Accepts all types of bales
- The contents slowly disappear over time – the more cows you have the faster it disappear
Joskin Water Bowser
- Works in DLC3 as a water bowser for the greenhouses
- Works without DLC3 as a water bowser for your cows – the water level slowly drops depending on the number of cows
- Fill at a river on your map
Albutt Pallet Forks with hook lift
- Acts as “sticky” pallet forks
- Press X to swap to hook lift when standing next to forks
- Use the hook lift to carry the ring feeder and big bale feeder to your cow paddock
The LS-UK Modteam
(alwyn, henly20, nishma, peterj, rh, sam123, wizznall) and thanks to Blackburner and Geri-G. Also special thanks to FMC for advice

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