Aug 11, 2012

John Deere 8360R pack

hi, i make this john deere 8360R ILS pack
8360R ILS v2.0 normal wheel+frontloader
8360R ILS v2.1 rear dual
8360R ILS v2.2 front and rear dual
8360R ILS v2.3 dual rowcrop
front loader quicke Q98

on this pack you have:
4x jd 8360r
1x quicke Q98 control on mice
-frontloader for (jd8360r ILS v2.0)
-3 camera
attacher :
-rear powerShaftAttacher
-front/rear 3 points
adjust wheel scale
adjust 1:1 scale
adjust suspention
adjust center mass
adjust radius
adjust rear 3 point
key :
-3 points up/down -V
-light -F
-W forward
-A turn left
-S reverse
-D right
specialisation :-motorized
base mod by SaMN
8360R 3d model by Zolee11 :@
edit by aigga
frontloader by:
Textur: Bigfarmer145
Script: Face
LS11: hanslanzmanns
cb ariel by:
Model: Nod500
Texture: Google Sketchup
Conversion from SPK to I3D : Sakarya
tweek: by JaRLaX
special thx to Napalm for convert from maya to .i3d

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