Aug 16, 2012


Welcome to love community ~ Hater & ‘jealous!
So my JohnDeere was ever asked to download and got through without permission, I release it NOW!
Since I do not love ZIMMERMANN answers, I hope that he is still right! [CREDITS! ]
What was done?
Stefan’s version:
Moin, where there is a long duck John Deere 7810, he has built in 2002, and is still in very good condition Here are some details: -! Lighting Script v3.1 Real Sound – LowTrailerAttacher (for the ball) – Interactive – control exhaust smoke-beautiful front hydraulics for flaps tire camber Very nice tire warning light the above IC to work is – hour meter It limiter height adjustable hitch, dual tires for switch-Real fuel consumption and and undJetzt a few comments on the model, etc: model: KoedelTexture: Stefan Fatian (Thanks for the help) in-game: Tobii, Stefan, 818VarioUnd for scripts, etc. Thanks to: SFM, Sven777b, Ingamepics, Koedel, MF390, modding Society Download link: http://

My version:
- Amaturenbeleuchtung (turn signals, brake lights, work lights, headlights, etc. ..)
- Corn Plane to Hide (key 6)
- Warning signs to show (key 7 or 8)
Have to try out what the keys are jz ka. ^ ^
- Other tires
- Made faster.
Have fun with the mod you want Thomas!

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