Aug 20, 2012

HW 80 Pack

time at the end of the harvest season, I would like to offer you my HW 80 trailers Pack for DL.
It is not 1:1 trailer!
1A everything funzt in SP and MP and is also in the 100% error free!
So if you like it please do not forget to review and thanksgiving. I rejoice now to your feedback, whether positive or negative.
The pack includes:
HW used 80 harvest trailer
HW 80 harvest trailer overhauled in the ZT-forging sequin-look
HW 80 harvest trailer multipurpose building Sievers Landwerkstatten GmbH
HW used 80 Häckselanhänger with SHA
HW overhauled 80 Häckselanhnger without SHA
The harvest followers can download the following fruits:
Standart and sugar beets, potatoes, triticale, peas, sunflowers
The Häckselanhänger can download the following fruits:
Chopped straw, grass, manure
As usual, everything is ready and MP-MP-tested. The trailers have already passed its first test in the current crop season and will continue to provide their faithful service.

What was done:
Scripts renewed
Prepare fruit adjusted
Performance and handling revised
Renewed model / texture and revised
Harvesting trailers have a structure so that a higher efficiency is ensured. With reinforced frame and improved chassis can now be done more from the field.
For the critics:
These are structures and skins it really. Under / find images / HW80 bodies, just look and marvel.
HW 80 credits:
Original model / texture: Bigfarmer145, Jincheng
Scripts / animation: Jincheng, Svenn777b, Geri-G
fixed: corben-d @ ll @ s
Model, performance and skin edit: Bauer Hooorst
Credits HW80 Sievers villages:
Model / Texture: E36Styler, Bauer Hooorst
Scripts / animation: E36Styler, Sven77b

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