Aug 8, 2012

Fortschritt ZT 305

You asked for twin tires on the 300 and 303er but we need but also the right tractor for when dual tires then it really is not it?
Then our ZT 305-A (slope version) is perhaps the right one for your yard.
The specially constructed for slopes ZT 305 A was produced from 1981. The vehicle is based on the ZT 303 D model, so it has also the 100 hp Motor4VD 14,5 / SRW 12-1, and was modified in some assemblies for use on slopes up to 45% slope. So as not, as is usual in other countries, to develop a completely new vehicle with a lower center of gravity, we went to Schönebeck another way to ensure easy broadened the tractor with dual wheels at the side tipping.
The mod is based on the ZT300 and ZT303 has gone before.
Major changes are here.
First Switchable dual wheels
Second Switchable fender
Third Removal of tires already
4th Compression script installed for your silo
5th We once built new dual tires that come very close to the original (hope you like them)
Of course, the tires are wider and he still has an extra pair of lamp and still getting a 2nd Beacon so that your monsters also see on the street.
The rest, as with the other two remained the same mods.
For all the Info window, which is too large to simply press F1 and you can hide them
Important input to their binding must play in your LS folder delete other problems may arise with the key assignments.
The log file is too clean for conflicts with your mods folder, we can not guarantee it but here everything is clean.
Finally we like to have with you all your bedabken Numerous praise and your PMs given us considerable momentum to build you these 3 Zts and it has huge fun!
So and now have fun with the huge guy.
Thanks also to all the modders and users who helped us create when you have this mod, it was in word and deed or images or parts could obstruct the we.


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