Aug 8, 2012

Fiatagri 90-90 DT

3D model is very detailed. Very good work by this mode author. Model is 1:1. Even sticker logo on the side of the hud is made in 3D. Sound of this model is nice. Especialy love starting engine sound:)
Switchable front weights (The status of the weights is stored)
realistic exhaust smoke (with a small extra feature for the Fiat-boot ..
animated rear hydraulics
realistic camber
realisticIndoorCam (beta )
upper arm appears out if nothing is attached
flashers, work lights
ESLimiter, throttle limiter
nice sound
Original: Chrisp
reconstruction: schlueterfan1977
game: schlueterfan1977
scripts: model eicher (realExhaustParticleSystems -> special version of the Fiat , hydraulicAnimations, RadsturzV2 realisticIndoorCam, ZugmaulVisibleV2)
Sven777b (belV3), Face (ESLimiter), myth (extra weights) MR.X (throttle limiter)
Sound: toxic9377

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