Aug 16, 2012

CLAAS LExion750

The wait is finally over.
The Lexion 750 of R & A modding (formerly MRA modding) is there.
Models: R & A Modding (Meistro, Repi, Alex2009, Kleener_Putzi, hehe93), BM-modding
Textures: Repi, Face, Black Jack
Corona textures funker
Game, animation: Repi, Facebook, moped killer
Scripts: R & A Modding (Alex2009, Repi), SFM-modding, Knagsted, Sven777b, Patar, JOHN DEERE 6920, Hitman, gotchTOM, moped killer, BJR Modding
Sounds: Sevorane

CLAAS Lexion750: 67 245
CLAAS Vario1050: 25799
CLAAS Vario900: 23 392
CLAAS Conspeed: 12055
Transport protection: 538
TAM Iguana: 6331
- Animated wipers
- Animated door, ladder, railings, mirrors, lights, rear, Lenkkonsolle
- Animated grain tank, radial distribution
- Animated worm in KorntankPipe
- Animated role in the feeder (feeder) and the radial distribution
- Lightbar installed in a modified form in the CEMOS
- Animated steering linkage
- Cylinders for animated elevator and the radial distribution
- Green Star function in the Lexion (…r_Lightbar.htm)
- Green Star only active when coupled SW
- Autocontour = slope compensation (left / right / up / down)
- Script by IC SFM Modding umgescriptet easily and adapted to the Lexion
- Lights, animation, engine start and other controlled by IC
- Beleuchtungv3.1.1 built by Sven777b
- CAM can be activated by IC
- Indoor / outdoor sound audible even when the door open / close is
- Etc.
CLAAS Varios:
- Reel with mouse controlled
- Animated PTO
- Animated laser drivers
- Turn on the reel turns slowly and turns off from the
, Etc.
Conspeed 8-75 FC:
- Animated dynamic particle collection system
- Foldable
- Animated feed chains
- Particle Systems with Distance Clip
Tam iguana Quattro header trailer:
- Fixation of the cutting unit by pressing the “X”
- Disconnect the fixation of the trailer is released automatically
- Lighting Script v3.1.1
The RAR file and unpack the ZIP file to insert into your mods folder and in the shop to purchase!
It is recommended to read the PDF assist as most questions are answered and there with the key bindings!

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