Aug 15, 2012

Cat Dumpers / Dumper XXL

Hello, you here for a CAT dumper. Functional, no log errors
Innovations for V.2
XML is available
got back on it as desired book now zwilingsreifen
The fruit-adjusted so that the whole plan on going ladefläsche
Loading capacity 120 000
mature dust

Load kan following varieties: wheat, barley, oat-maize, rape, pea, peas, silage, grass, education, sugarbeet sunflower, ruben, betterave, potato, carrot, carrot, blum cabbage, gelbbo, gruenbo, pea, rice, red cabbage , soybean, spinach, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, erbse1, sandy beach, sand, mohn1, carrot, radish, karotte1, fertilizer, stone. With rpmLimiter, hour meter, power meters. As a gadget, you can go down the stairs, and (from the quarry map) [There are error log, but they say only that the varieties which he can not load on your map, there are no spielbeeinträchtigend.]
Most of Jump permission exists thanks to many Must not be uploaded changed.
Instructions for Depositfils.
1.Click on the link here
2.dan on regular Downlod a window because öfnnet obeb please right click on the x orangne
4.dann back to normal and then downlod it loads and is free

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